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Used fake ID and debit card together

Do not post any of your or another personal information (picture, address, name, email etc) here. It will be removed the instant that we see it. Not only is it extremely unsafe, it is a violation of Reddit site wide rules.

Doxxing is defined as the posting of another person private or identifying information, especially with ill intent. Doxxing, regardless of intent or target, is not permitted in the slightest on this sub or anywhere that connects with us.

Penalty: Bans with extreme prejudice

No Order Identifiers

Information that reference exact orders or lead to them are considered sensitive information and not allowed. Examples of prohibited order identifiers: exact order numbers, bitcoin addresses, transaction ids, tracking numbers, MTCN numbers. fake id websites,»Orders between 100 150″ or «Order 20xx.»

Addendum: Exact shipping dates for international vendors are also considered sensitive information and fall under this rule.

Penalty: Warnings and bans for repeat offenders

No Stealth Information

Comments and posts that compromise the OPSEC of a vendor are not allowed. Do not reveal vendors stealth shipping methods, fake ids package descriptions, shipping origins, or any other information deemed sensitive. Shipping dates for international vendors are also considered sensitive information and are not allowed.

Penalty: Warnings and bans for repeat offendersAny users claiming to be already present vendors, customer service representatives, or partners of vendors without verification are not allowed. You will be banned and your posts removed without warning.

Penalty: Bans that may be appealed through verification with the modteamAll vendors advertising their services must be verified by the moderation team. Unverified vendor introduction posts,fake ids, product previews (discussing production methods are allowed), and all other forms of unverified advertisement are not allowed. They are avenues for doxxing and are difficult to control.

Penalty: Bans and possible vendor dismissalsModerators reserve the right to remove content or restrict users posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others. Additionally, best fake id state,the moderators of this subreddit do not endorse the content posted on this subreddit. Make your own choices.

We recommend using Tor for browsing and commenting on this subreddit.

Used fake ID and debit card together. I have a fake if from TedDanzig (highly recommended). My friend texts me and asks if I can buy him liquor. No problem. Scannable Fake ID He picks me up and we drive to a store. Now, I live in a state that privatizes alcohol sales, so there only one company that sells liquor and it is run by the state. I purchased from this place before, so it no big deal. My friend only had $40, so he decides to go in first and check out what to buy based on selection and price. He comes back and asks me to get him a handle of rum and a handle of vodka.

I go in, grab the alcohol, and make my way to the register. The clerk didn even card me. I walk out and get in my friend car. I show him what I got and he says «Ah shit, you got the smaller handle of vodka. The bigger one was only $5 more than the smaller and we need it. Could you go back and exchange it?» No problem. I go back in and tell the clerk I meant to grab the bigger bottle. He asks me to grab the bigger bottle while he sets up the exchange on the register. I go grab the bottle and walk back to the checkout. Scannable Fake ID

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